Kuwait Finance House (KFH) wants to promote KFH Libshara-i deposit account product to the mass Malay audience.


We noticed that the brand had communicated in a formal tone and manner, making their target audience shy away from communicating with the brand.

Approach & Solution

We partnered with Faizal Tahir to produce a video to promote a save and win cash contest. We changed the brand tone to casual and laid back.

We placed the video on Facebook and YouTube, and target the mass Malay audience who are interested in financial products, Faizal Tahir and Islamic banks.

KPI achievement rate

engagement rate

view rate

The Result

Our engagement campaign overachieved its engagement KPI by 4.3 times with an engagement rate of 21.71%.

Not only that, the campaign achieved high view rate at 34.47% compared to the average YouTube ad performance of 20%.

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