Malaysia Substance Abuse Council (MASAC) is a coalition of NGOs that provide free community service for prevention of drug abuse, treatment and rehabilitation for abusers. We were tasked to develop a campaign that raises awareness about substance abuse and their free rehab services for abusers.


High search volume on Google on Cannabis and other related keywords show more Malaysians are exposed to try or already consuming cannabis. We also discovered several local online drug abuse communities on Facebook (ie: Bani Tenang and Weedbook Malaysia) – with 120,000 audience size on Facebook

Approach & Solution

We strategize the campaign around digital channels with a mission to Connect, Engage and Cure Substance Abusers. We developed a series of videos starring a stringent general character, called High Commissioner.

We published a video a week, driving video views through Facebook and YouTube, and inviting them to answer our addiction quiz on a newly developed website. At the end of every quiz, they were presented with a list of articles that are relevant to them – either they are an abuser or a relative/friend.


engagements on Facebook


video views


clicks to website

returning visitors


completed the quiz

uplift in number of rehab submission

The Result

Our videos went viral and recorded over 500,000 engagements on Facebook and 1 million video views on YouTube and Facebook.

We recorded over 30,000 visitors with 70% returning visitors. About 1,000 visitors completed the quiz.

Client claimed that there was an uplift in number of rehab submission and queries from the public.

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